The Heavy

The Heavy

Don’t live on the Eastern Seaboard but still want to see something scary and grey this week? the Heavy have you covered.

The British rockers behind the ubiquitous 2009 smash “How You Like Me Now?” — which for a while there popped up in so many ads, movies, and TV shows, it eventually amassed a longer IMDb page than many actors — have debuted the video for their new single “Can’t Play Dead.”

The song, taken from their recent album The Glorious Dead, has a seasonally appropriate monster-movie vibe about it.

“It feels like the soundtrack to a zombie B-movie,” singer Kelvin Swaby tells us of the song. “Built around a filthy garage riff, the track’s subject — a woman who ‘Walks like a zombie/Talks too cold/Lives in a graveyard like the one I call home’ — is the music business. There are way too many puppets in this industry now: real music is getting lost. You have all these shows that make puppets every season, and then you don’t hear about them the next season. [This business] can take you to the grave and spit you out.”

And the clip takes that idea and runs with it. “This video is really all about the genius and dedication of animator Jason Willis from Arizona,” guitarist Dan Taylor says. “We stumbled across a beautiful film of his called “Halloween on YouTube” made on his iPhone and immediately fell in love. We just had to track him down.”

Take a look at the video below:

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