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October 29, 2012 at 11:37 PM EDT

After a fun and flirty season so far, Castle takes a darker twist tonight with an episode that will find Castle (Nathan Fillion) fighting off murder suspicions after mounting evidence leaves him implicated.

The biggest question fans have: Does Sen. Bracken (Jack Coleman) or the 3XK killer have something to do with this? While executive producer Andrew Marlowe did confirm that we haven’t seen the last of Bracken, he was mum on the scope of tonight’s case. However, he did say there were definitely “larger undertones” to the story. “It’s fun for the fans to speculate,” says Marlowe. “[We like for them to wonder] to what extent Castle is involved and to what extent Beckett really knows this guy.” (Meanwhile, he confirms we have not seen the last of Bracken.)

And Beckett’s (Stana Katic) not the only one who will be asking questions. After becoming privy to Beckett and Castle’s relationship, Ryan’s (Seamus Dever) knowledge of the situation will “affect Ryan’s perception of Beckett’s performance” during the investigation, says Marlowe, who also hinted that someone else might learn the secret by the hour’s end. “There will be some movement in that tonight when there are some broader stakes hanging over the crew,” he says. ” We’ll see a little more about the secret tonight and how folks deal with it. But it’s something more people will find out as time goes on.”

In all, Marlowe said the episode plays an important part in the season as a whole. “For me, I always advertise this as a much more fun season, but we don’t want to lose the sense that sometimes we are in life and death situations and when you’re investigating murder, it’s not all fun and games,” he says. “We thought it was important to ground the season around this time.”

Though some networks have opted out of airing new Monday night programming tonight, at time of publication, Castle is still scheduled to air as planned. “Hopefully it will be edge-of-the-seat viewing for those who are who are able to watch it. If people get to see it, great,” he says. “[But] you know, on a day like today our with the folks in the path of Sandy…if they don’t, hopefully they get to see it later. We hope everyone stays safe.”


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