Sophie Muller
October 29, 2012 at 05:03 PM EDT

When Alicia Keys released the name of her forthcoming album, Girl on Fire, some wondered whether it was related to The Hunger Games. But in the video for the title track, Keys proves that this is no tribute to Katniss Everdeen.

“For a minute, I was kind of like, ‘How big can we make the video? What crazy things can we be doing with the wardrobe?'” Keys told, while promoting her new children’s storytelling app in New York City last week. In the end, the singer opted for a storyline that depicts her as a mother and wife doing various daily tasks like cleaning up after the kids and paying bills –all while dressed in sheath dresses, A-line skirts and heels. “[In the end], I’m glad that we arrived to this place, showing a woman doing things that every woman does.” 

“There’s a little ‘Carmen Jones’ in there for sure,” Keys said, referencing the video’s first look (pictured above). “Just classic style and a little bit of that ’40s chic and kind of throwing some spins in it with different Asian influences and color pops that just kind of twist it around.”

The video marks the first collaboration between Keys and music stylist Andrea Previ. “That’s why I feel like [the music video] is so unique,” the singer said of custom pieces like an emerald green sheath, sequined high waist skirt and plunging lime green tank with bright pink piping. “In working with [Andrea] and director Sophia Miller we were very conscious about how the clothing really accentuated the lighting. That’s why I think it really came together so beautifully. I love it.”

Watch the video for “Girl on Fire” below.

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