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A midnight train to Rosewood, a werkit girl with a dreadful sashay shantay, and a lovestruck Romeo who learned the dice were loaded from the start. Jukebox had them all this week. So if you’ve been wondering “What’s that song?” while watching your favorite shows, we’re here to tell you which tunes really resonated. Check out our picks and the full Spotify playlist below. (Warning for those still catching up on DVR: SPOILERS ahead!)


The song: Adam Lambert, “Cuckoo”/”Trespassing”

The episode: “This Is a Dark Ride” (313)

The hook: The tweeters have spoken! Jukebox’s fans were all aboard for Glambert’s set on PLL this Tuesday. Set at a high-speed Halloween party, the Liars were literally on “the crazy train” mentioned in the addictively danceable “Cuckoo.” Meanwhile, their nefarious nemesis A was the one “Trespassing.” Party foul!


The song: Kool & the Gang, “Jungle Boogie”

The episode: “Beltway Unbuckled” (204)

The hook: It was everybody’s turn to “get down, get down” when news that a presumed innocent girl who’d gone missing was actually a sexed-up blind-item blogger. Before her untimely demise, the “Beltway Unbuckled” creator had gotten down with plenty of politicians. Once she was outed as Capitol Hill’s sexual takedown artist, it was the media’s turn to get down… in the mud — all the better to sling it.


The song: Iggy Pop, “The Passenger”

The episode: “Toad’s Wild Ride” (507)

The hook: Soundgarden’s “Been Away Too Long” underscored a classic Sons chase sequence (featuring Joel McHale as a car-thieving gigolo) on Tuesday, but it was this tambo-tastic track from the Godfather of Punk that set the stage for an episode-ending cliffhanger. “The Passenger” in question was Abel (Ryder Londo), the son of Jax (Charlie Hunnam), whom Gemma (Katy Sagal) was driving home — stoned out of her mind. Though an 11th-hour gunfight between Jax and a rival had its fair share of bloodshed, the blood dripping from Abel’s tiny body could have the most impact on Sons‘ in coming weeks.


The song: Milo Greene, “Perfectly Aligned”

The episode: “3.0” (301)

The hook: L.A.-base indie folks group Milo Greene had a good week. Not only was their song “What’s the Matter” featured on Wednesday’s Supernatural, but they played a pivotal part on Nikita‘s season 3 opener. Marlana Sheetz’s lilt struck just the right note as Michael (Shane West) proposed to Nikita (Maggie Q). Lyrics about “the years go[ing] by” spoke to the couple’s rich history — sometimes clicking, sometimes clashing — and made this long-awaited, “Perfectly Aligned” moment all the more satisfying.


The song: Perfume Genius, “Dark Parts”

The episode: “I’ll Be Right Here” (406)

The hook: Adam (Peter Krause) and Kristina (Monica Potter) were both jittery as she prepared to go into surgery Wednesday night, then they received jarring news that he couldn’t stand by her side in the OR. In what could have been (but fortunately weren’t) their moments together, they talked about… cheeseburgers? It was an attempt to take the edge off an anxious moment, just as the tranquil sound of Seattle soloist Mike Hadreas underscoring a moment of uncertainty smoothed things over for invested viewers.


The song: Rose Cousins, “Go First”

The episode: “Building a Mystery, Part Two” (1222)

The hook: Star-crossed love wasn’t confined to Degrassi’s same-sex stage production Romeo and Jules on Oct. 19. Despite growing feelings for trans teen Adam (Jordan Todosey), ultra-religious good girl Becky (Sarah Fisher) realized she’d never be able to overcome the fact that Adam was only a boy in his heart (since he hadn’t yet undergone transitional surgery). Cousins’ mournful words of goodbye “either way it’s going to hurt” could be said in another way: Parting is such sweet sorrow.


The song: The Lone Bellow, “Teach Me To Know”

The episode: “Suspicious Minds” (204)

The hook: Every couple must make its own rules. Monday saw Zoe (Rachel Bilson) and Wade (Wilson Bethel) up-shifting their “casual” hook-up to a monogamous hook-up. It was a baby step, since Zoe made clear that she wasn’t asking Wade to be her “boyfriend or anything,” but with this pair’s chemistry, it seems only a matter of time before they follow the Brooklyn country outfit’s lyrics and let themselves get “carried away” into Facebook official territory.


The song: Sam Palladio & Clare Bowen, “Fade Into You”

The episode: “Someday You’ll Call My Name” (103)

The hook: The plotlines may seem to change with the wind, but Nashville is reliably turning out haunting, beautiful alt-country songs from Scarlett (Bowen) and Gunnar (Palladio). As Darren Franich pointed out, this particular ditty about losing oneself in love was an especially apt episode closer, not just for Scarlett — who has been self-sabotaging in her love for her boyfriend Avery (Jonathan Jackson) — but also for Rayna (Connie Britton) and Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) as they struggled with allegiance versus abandonment in their own lives.


The song: Dinah Shore, “Buttons and Bows”

The episode: “Tricks and Treats” (202)

The hook: Bouncy on the outside, disturbing at its core. Like the character in “Buttons and Bows,” Jessica Lange’s Sister Jude made some bad decisions this Wednesday. The 1947 hit underscored a flashback from her days as a drunken floozy who would fit in “some big town where the love a girl by the cut of her clothes.” After a failed attempt to win the love of a married man, “Judy” accidentally ran over a pre-teen girl and left her to die in the dust, making the words “don’t bury me on this prairie” menacing, to say the least.


The song: Hall & Oates, “You Make My Dreams”

The episode: “Models” (205)

The hook: Egregious product placement aside, how could we not include this delicious throwback to one of Zooey Deschanel’s most beloved roles? Alas Jess (Deschanel), in her attempt to storm the modeling world, did not have nearly the grace or musicality of Joseph Gordon-Levitt in (500) Days of Summer‘s impromptu musical outburst.

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