By Hillary Busis
Updated October 27, 2012 at 04:55 PM EDT
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So this is how Degrassi celebrates its 300th installment: not with a giant Issue Episode, but with a fairly low-key half hour about beauty pageants and suspected drug use. It was far from the show’s most intense episode ever — but there was still a lot of good stuff here, from Maya’s pageant makeover to Adam and Audra’s touching conversation.

Let’s start with the former. Following in Manny’s footsteps, quiet Maya got a pageant-ready new look, courtesy of Tori — appropriate, since Tori and Manny are related in real life. (They’re played by sisters Alex and Cassie Steele). For some reason, both Maya’s sister Katie and her boyfriend Cam laughed when they first see her sans specs — weird, since she looked totally adorable. Just look at that photo! Dumping the guy at the end of the episode seemed like a good move for Maya, although you know it’s just going to open the floodgates for more love triangle drama between her, Tori, and Zig. Not that love triangles are a bad thing. (Again: See Manny.)

Meanwhile, Adam tried his best to forget Becky Baker — newly returned from “brainwashing camp” — by bulking up and attempting to join the volleyball team.

The scene in which Adam comforted Audra, who’s worried sick about dropout Drew, was very well done — and especially welcome after the complaint I made at the beginning of last week’s react.

And then there was Marisol’s silly C-plot, which seemed dropped in from another show altogether. After revealing that she, Mo, Katie, and Jake are all headed to Puerto Vallarta for spring break — while Bianca and Drew are getting married in Veh-gus! — Marisol got suspicious of her man when he wouldn’t let her fill out a health form for him. His strange behavior and the needle she found in his bag led Marisol to jump to the conclusion that he must be doing intravenous drugs… even though there’s a much more obvious explanation staring her in the face. (I won’t ruin it if you haven’t figured it out, but — consider The Truth About Stacy.) While I can see where the writers were going with this one, the storyline was just a little too unbelievable; since when is Marisol this dense?

But hey, maybe you disagree. Did the 300th episode live up to your expectations? Are you rooting for Tori or Maya in the Miss Millennial Canada pageant? And who else has that “actions speak louder than words” song stuck in their head?

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