By James Hibberd
Updated October 26, 2012 at 03:18 PM EDT
Mario Perez/ABC

Guess what men were doing last night? Not watching ABC’s Last Resort. Shame too. The submarine drama aired its best episode since its pilot. Yet Last Resort ratings (6.4 million viewers, 1.3 adults 18-49 rating) dropped 24 percent to a low. Hmm, whatever could have possibly aired Thursday night to have drawn people away from a military themed action show? Oh yes! Game 2 of the World Series on Fox, which looks like it delivered roughly twice as big of a rating as last week’s playoff game. That makes sense.

Here’s what makes less sense: Person of Interest (14 million, 3.0) ratings went up 7 percent despite the increased competition — normally CBS takes a hit when there’s heavy sports competition, but apparently not this show. In fact, POI topped Grey’s Anatomy (8.5 million, 2.9), down 15 percent, for the first time this season — not what you’d expect to happen during the World Series, but perhaps its softening Last Resort lead-in had an impact too.

Also holding up against baseball was NBC’s comedy block — maybe. There’s some NFL local market preemption that might be boosting these: 30 Rock (3.6 million, 1.3) climbed a bit and Up All Night (3.9 million, 1.6) was up 23 percent. The Office (4.7 million, 2.1), featuring a guest star appearance by Stephen Colbert, was steady. And Parks and Recreation (4.1 million, 1.9) actually jumped 19 percent.

Also: CBS’ Big Bang Theory (15.4 million, 4.8) was steady, with Two and a Half Men (12.9 million, 3.7) slipping from last week’s climb and Elementary (10.2 million, 2.2) down a tad. ABC’s Scandal (6.3 million, 2.0) was up a tenth.