Talking Angela

If you’ve got a little one, chances are you’re familiar with a cute talking feline by the name of Angela from the Tom Love Angela app or the video for the duet “You Get Me,” which has gotten more than 50 million views. Now Angela will get her own free app early next month, in which she’ll not only repeat what you say, but also process it and respond. In the app, which is set on a Paris street, the chatty and social Angela will talk shopping and fashion, and encourage fans to open and read fortune cookies with funny messages. And following the pattern of the other Talking Friends apps, in child’s mode Talking Angela will repeat what is said to her in her fancy voice, while poking or petting her will elicit a number of reactions like sneezing and more.

Take a look at the exclusive trailer after the jump.

Talking Angela will also feature the second Talking Friends song, “That’s Falling In Love,” and there will be a Talking Angela Facebook app, a first for maker Outfit7, with which users can chat and interact with Angela. A Talking Friends web short series made earlier this year in a partnership with Disney Interactive generated over 100 million views in just a couple of months.

Talking Angela
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