“There has storm clouds come over the United States. There is thunderstorms over Europe. There are hail storms — and I mean major hail storms — in the Middle East. There are storms brewing through China, through Asia, through everywhere.”

Spoken word poetry? Dialogue from a video game that was poorly translated from English to Japanese, then back to English? Nope — those are the actual words Meat Loaf used Thursday night during a Romney rally in Defiance, Ohio.

In a video that has since been taken down, the singer followed his weather report with a straightforward Romney endorsement: “There is one man who will stand tall in this country and fight the storm and bring the United States back to what it should be — Governor Mitt Romney!” And then he wailed a few bars of “America the Beautiful.”

The Bat out of Hell joins a small group of celebrity Romney supporters, including Clint Eastwood, Scott Baio, Stacey Dash, Kelsey Grammer, Lindsay Lohan, Sylvester Stallone, and Nicki Minaj. (Wait, scratch Nicki.) You could also interpret Chuck Norris’s “1,000 years of darkness” video as a Romney endorsement, though it never mentions the governor by name.

Meanwhile, EW is waiting breathlessly for an endorsement from a celeb who might actually be able to sway the course of the election — like Robert Pattinson or Jenna Maroney.

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