By Jeff Labrecque
Updated October 26, 2012 at 04:17 PM EDT

The premiere episode of Hunted, Cinemax’s new action series from The X-Files creator Frank Spotnitz, served up a lot of information for viewers to digest in an hour: Sam Hunter (In Treatment‘s Melissa George) was nearly killed, possibly by members of the international intelligence and security agency she works for, but a year later, she returns to her post to the surprise of her employers. Trust is no longer a luxury Sam can afford, but she takes her next assignment while she also tries to untangle the conspiracy that wants her dead.

“Was it you?” she asks, in a new promo for the show. “Why would I want to do that to you?” answers her co-worker and secret lover (Adam Raymer). “We were in love.”

“You know how this will end,” says another foreboding male voice, as Sam slowly plunges Mad Men style. Watch the exclusive promo, plus an amped-up fight scene from tonight’s episode, below.

In the show’s second episode, which airs tonight at 10 p.m., Sam is hired as a tutor for the son of a crooked billionaire. But someone is still on her trail. Fortunately, Sam went to the Bourne School of Kicking Ass.

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