Mario Lopez will host ''The X Factor,'' Kate Gosselin was fired from blogging job, and more

By Dan Snierson
Updated October 26, 2012 at 04:00 AM EDT

1. Extra/America’s Best Dance Crew host Mario Lopez to serve as host for The X Factor, star in TLC special about his wedding

”I need all eyes on the target,” Seacrest whispered into his lapel. ”If he gets close to one more TV gig, initiate Operation Dunkleman.”

2. Tom Hanks drops F-bomb on Good Morning America

You’ve been on every single awards-show stage and hosted SNL eight times, and you waste a gaffe like this on a morning show when we’re still asleep?

3. After Hugo Weaving calls Transformers gig ”meaningless,” Michael Bay blasts complaining actors: ”Be happy you even have a job”

”’Be happy you even have a job! Don’t make eye contact with the squibs! Blow up only when I tell you to!”’ grumbled one crate of C-4 to itself while being carried onto the set.

U.S. Patent Office turns down Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s legal petition to trademark daughter’s name, Blue Ivy

4. Kate Gosselin fired from blogging job at website CouponCabin

Save changes to Kate Gosselin: E! True Hollywood Story?

5. Megan Fox announces birth of son on her Facebook page

It went more smoothly than a previous update, when she was nearly liked to death by 12 million dudes after posting a single beach-vacation photo.

6. MTV debuts Totally Clueless, hidden-camera game show on which ”the sooner the random marks figure out they are on a TV show, the more money they win”

Gary Busey and two Honey Boo Boo stars are currently tied for last place, with total winnings of $0.

7. Joaquin Phoenix on awards season: ”It’s total utter bulls—, and I don’t want to be part of it”

Texted Michael Bay: ”Have just the movie for u. Call me!”