Your praise for our reunion special, inquires about cast members not featured in the issue, and more

By EW Staff
October 26, 2012 at 04:00 AM EDT

Missed Connections
I had been pining for a Clueless reunion since your last Reunions issue, and the students and faculty of Bronson Alcott High far exceeded my expectations. It takes a lot to overtake an Arrested Development article in my world, but Cher and crew had me so mesmerized that I left my Cranberries CD in the quad.
Denise Taller

Dickinson, Tex.

I was an undergrad at Indiana University when Breaking Away was filmed, and sat in the stadium when the race scene was shot. My student ticket to the world premiere cost only $6. Thanks for bringing back fond memories!
Gwen Sharpless Snyder

Laurel, Md.

Are you really sure St. Elsewhere‘s William Daniels is best known for Knight Rider? I think you overlooked the ’90s generation, who know him best as Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World. Hail to the Feeny Call!
Meganne Lemon

Alexandria, Va.

Not-So-Modern Family?
Thank you, Mark Harris, for speaking my mind (The Final Cut). I thought I was the only gay man who found Modern Family‘s Cam and Mitch annoying. To me, they come across as a sheltered straight person’s idea of what a gay couple must be like. Not all of us liberally sprinkle our everyday vocabulary with fabulous and amazing!
Christopher Spencer

Long Beach, Calif.

I think Mark Harris is looking at it wrong. Sitcom couples aren’t supposed to have moderate personalities. They are first and foremost a comedy team. And historically, just about every sitcom couple has been the most traditional of comedy teams: the long-suffering straight man and the comedic foil. This formula is not thanks to Mitch and Cam; it’s thanks to Ricky and Lucy, George and Weezy, Tony and Jeannie…So why should a sitcom couple escape that tried-and-true formula just because they’re gay?
Barbara Morach

Glastonbury, Conn.

From Harry to Dreary
I agree with your B– for J.K. Rowling‘s The Casual Vacancy. One of the things that make her Harry Potter series so great is the humor that runs through them, even in tense scenes. I hope in her next novel she doesn’t think ”adult” has to mean ”humorless” — we’d all be the poorer for that.
John V. Smith

New Milford, Conn.

Where Are They Now?: E.T.

Our E.T. feature in the Reunions issue led readers to wonder about the whereabouts of other cast members. Look who we found!

Dee Wallace (Mary), 63

Her Second Career ”I am a healer who does private sessions worldwide, and I have two live radio shows. If you’d asked me 20 years ago, ‘You know you’re going to be a healer?’ I’d go, ‘What drugs are you on?’ It was not part of the plan at all.”

Her Creature Feature ”I’m going to Bulgaria to do a project for the Syfy channel. It’s crocodiles meet Transformers, and I play a very strong, ballsy lady.”

Her Memories of E.T. ”I loved bonding with the kids. They say don’t ever work with kids or dogs, but I wouldn’t have a career if I hadn’t. I’ve probably seen the movie 150 times. I still laugh, I still cry, and I’m still moved.”

Robert MacNaughton (Michael), 45

His Second Career ”I was losing my love of acting. My ex’s father worked for the post office, so I had an in.”

His Biggest Fan I met my wife, Bianca, through Drew Barrymore [above] — they were friends in the ’80s. I was Bianca’s first movie crush, and she kept asking Drew’s mother to introduce us. So they set us up on a blind date in 1987 (we saw E.T.). Fast-forward to 2010: She looked me up on Facebook, and we reconnected.”

His Memories of E.T. ”Steven [Spielberg] played Dungeons & Dragons with us. He got killed pretty early. And Drew was the obnoxious little sister. She used to fall in love with a different person every day.”