By Hillary Busis
Updated October 26, 2012 at 09:24 PM EDT

Awesome: 68-year-old NPR news analyst and ABC News political commentator Cokie Roberts apparently confused Twitter with Google this morning. [Update: According to NPR Director of Media Relations Anna Christopher, this account is a fake — and Cokie Roberts isn’t actually on Twitter.] Awesomer: After a few futile searches, she decided to stop looking for an Applebee’s and start trying to recreate the chain’s dishes at home. Awesomest: The moment when she realized what she had done —

Roberts followed that tweet with a link to a Reba McEntire song and a quote from its music video: “I don’t need any more accidents in my life.”

Oh, and Cokie — there doesn’t seem to be an Applebee’s in DC proper, but you can find the restaurant in College Park, Alexandria, and Falls Church. The more you know!

Although it turns out this wasn’t really Roberts, we still applaud whoever wrote these tweets, as they are hilarious.

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