By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated October 25, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT
Katie Lowes
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC

After several episodes (and some might say an entire first season) of tensions between Abby and Quinn, last week’s Scandal saw the two finally go toe-to-toe in a bar blowup. Or, as Katie Lowes puts it with a laugh, it was the moment when “Quinn finally [had] to stand up and say, ‘Don’t ever call me Lindsay again — or I will cut you!'”

While the confrontation will likely not be their last, Lowes says it does serve a purpose. “Let’s just say that after the episode last night, Quinn has definitely proven herself to Abby,” she says. “By standing up to her, that’s how you get through to [Abby]. So their relationship, you will see it change.”

And there is definitely more change on the way — especially in light of Abby’s night with David (Josh Malina). “No one saw it coming,” says Lowes of the twist. “When we got the script, we all freaked out! …She’s sleeping with someone who is always opposing Olivia Pope & Associates. It is very scandalous.” But also strangely in-character for the pair, says Lowes. “When I read it, I just thought it was how their characters do things. Abby, to me, doesn’t get to let loose often. So when they go out and have a drink, all of a sudden they go all the way. They go big or go home,” she says. “You’ll definitely see in the coming weeks if their relationship is one for immediate pleasure or something deeper.”

Meanwhile, EW has been delving deep into the behind the scenes action at Scandal all season, thanks to cast member Josh Malina, who continues to pour blood and sweat into his task to capture the fun on set. You can check out that latest video below!


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