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SPOILERS! I’m not going to bury the lead here — who gasped during tonight’s Parks and Recreation? Who cried? Who lost all hope that Ben Wyatt would one day walk out of their television and ask for your hand in marriage? Answer to all three? This girl!

In reference to the last one, I actually knew that would never happen — because Ben is not my true love. He’s Leslie’s. (Also, not a real person. But whatever.)

And in tonight’s episode, Ben came to realize what many have known since the geeky state auditor watched a beautiful, plucky, flu-plagued Leslie deliver an unforgettable speech in season 3. Leslie is the person he’s meant to spend his life with, and tonight, he made sure she knew that. He proposed. (Sigh.)

Though, I must admit, I didn’t give Ben enough credit. At one point during the episode, which largely focused on Ben’s possible move to Florida for work, I thought he was going to choose his job over his future with Leslie. Or Leslie wouldn’t let him choose their future over his opportunity. That’s the kind of gal she is. But in the end, love won out.

After Leslie returned to the home she had planned to lease with Ben for one last longing look around, Ben walked in. (He was supposed to go back to Washington after visiting Florida!) That’s when I gasped — and maybe teared up. Don’t get me wrong, the proposal itself, was perfect. As it was, though, it didn’t compare to the half-second moment when he casually strolled through the archway in what will become their future home with a small sly smile on his face. Here’s how the rest played out (video will be posted when availableBoom!):

That, friends, is true love. At that moment, I’m pretty sure she didn’t care that the house didn’t have a trampoline room.


“She is a sharp, confident, strong woman… [In “Ron voice”] Her children are loud.” –Ron

“He would move into my place but it’s a scary nightmare hoarder nest — his words. And Ann’s. And the official report filed by the Health Department.” –Leslie

+ Donna live-tweeting. So meta!

Andy, talking into a recorder: “7:34 p.m. Man dressed as nerd. Lady dressed as crazy witch.”

Man: “Neither of us is in costume.”

Andy: “Case closed. Candy, please.”

+ Jerry’s fart-attack. (Ed note: So wrong…and yet…)

“One time I sprained my wrist and our insurance claimed that having a wrist was a pre-existing condition.” — Leslie

+ Ann’s boxes of ex-boyfriends

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