Add Oprah to the list of Beliebers.

The talk-show host announced via a tweet that she would be interviewing Justin Bieber as part of her Oprah’s Next Chapter series. His episode will air Nov. 25 on OWN. Her other recent tweets inform us that she attended a Believe concert, quotes “One Less Lonely Girl” and –eat your heart out, teens! — posts a photo of herself backstage.

Oprah’s recent chats with Rihanna and Kelsey Grammer have shown that Oprah has no qualms about going there – but I can’t really think what super-scandalous revelations could come out about Bieber. His biggest threat to his image was the baby drama, which, while hilarious for a parody, turned out to be untrue.

I’m sure she’ll touch on his relationship with Selena Gomez and dating in the public eye, but what else would you want to know about? For his sake — never say never! — I hope she stays away from serious topics: in print interviews, he’s shown that to be his Achilles heel. Also, and I genuinely don’t mean this is a mean way, but is there an hour full of Bieber stuff left that we don’t already know?

I expect the interview to stick with standard Oprah formula, asking him how fame has changed him and how he stays grounded. I’d love to hear his honest thoughts about the Twitter hate/love, his pop-culture favorites, and how (or if) his relationship with his mom has changed.

That, and of course his thoughts on pranks.

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