By Mandi Bierly
Updated October 24, 2012 at 10:33 PM EDT

Sad news: Damon didn’t get so drunk at Alaric’s grave in last week’s Vampire Diaries episode that he forgot his monologue about how he should be long gone by now because the Salvatores had agreed that whichever brother Elena didn’t choose would skip town. In the clip from Thursday’s episode below, we see that Damon intends to leave — as soon as he eats the new vampire hunter, Connor Jordan. Luckily, we know that won’t be easy to do.

Another clip: Rebekah invites Matt to her party, wishing he’d just get over her running him off the road to kill Elena. She says she never wanted to hurt him. Then why didn’t you dive in and save him, Rebekah?

And the promo: If Jeremy teams up with the hunter, I will never admire his biceps in a T-shirt again. (Please, don’t let that happen.)

The show seems to have improved its explosion effects a bit this year, right?

P.S. I also think the wigs have gotten better, judging from this shot of Klaus and Elijah in Nov. 1’s episode, which flashes back to 12th century Italy.

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