Taylor Swift is on her way to having a pretty great week. Sales of her just-released new album Red are expected to top one million, making her the only woman in the history of SoundScan to unleash two million-plus opening weeks in a row. (Of course, it helps that Red has been almost universally acclaimed by critics and is available just about everywhere, including inside your pizza delivery guy’s oven bag.)

But don’t forget that at the center of all of her success lies a whole lot of heartbreak, and her brand new video for “Begin Again” is another classic bittersweet Swift joint.

Though her boyfriend doesn’t laugh at her jokes and bores her with stories about his family’s Christmas movie-watching traditions, she finds the ultimate salve: Wandering through the streets of Paris, chuckling with handsome dudes in a café (and probably snacking on snails or something). Check it out below.

It’s a lovely clip, but a little bit sleepy. Also, there’s something about it that recalls “Back to December” — is it the color palette, or just the general moodiness?

And speaking of Swift, don’t forget to weigh in on your favorite track from Red. Personally, “The Last Time” (which features the dude from Snow Patrol, of all people) is my jam.