By Jessica Shaw
Updated October 24, 2012 at 01:43 PM EDT
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Is it just me or has The New Normal‘s preachiness stopped being so annoying? Yes, the show’s LET-ME-TEACH-YOU-HOW-TO-NOT-BE-HOMOPHOBIC mantra was in full swing in last night’s episode (that tackled the oh-so-easy-to-crystallize-in-22-minutes topic: gays and the church), but for some reason I found it less irritating and more touching than previous issue-laden episodes. Most importantly, tonight showcased the brilliance that is NeNe Leakes (substituting “guinea pig” for “sheep” in a Bible quote? Perfection!) and had its share of wonderful lines.

My five favorites:

Bryan: If I die before I wake…

David: It’s probably due to a huge earthquake.

“It’s mostly for rides to the airport, right?” — David, on the role of godparents

“The only thing I ever got from church was a lifelong complex about inferior abs. You stare at Jesus throughout puberty. That guy was ripped.” — Bryan

“Is that the little girl in your class Nana thinks runs the media?” — Goldie to Shania about a girl named Annie Liebowitz

“The Pope treats gays like Amanda Bynes treats pedestrians.” — Bryan

All in all, my favorite episode of the show so far. What did you all think? Are you becoming numb to the preachiness or actually starting to enjoy it? How touched were you when Rocki and Shania became David and Bryan’s baby’s godparents? How much do I wish Shania was my child? Okay, I’ll answer that one. A lot.

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