By Clark Collis
October 24, 2012 at 04:36 PM EDT

For much of the 1986 martial arts action-comedy Big Trouble In Little China, Kurt Russell’s truck-driving hero Jack Burton exists in a state of complete, and hilarious, confusion (“Where are we, Wang?” “What’s happening, Wang?” “Jesus Christ, where are we?”). So heaven knows what Burton would have to say about the new, jaw-droppingly elaborate parody clip “Lo Pan Style” which melds director John Carpenter’s way-ahead-of-its-time movie with Psy’s globe-conquering horsey-hit “Gangnam Style.” But the video does feature James Hong, who actually played the villainous Lo Pan in the original film, and has also apparently been given the thumbs up by Carpenter himself — which is good enough for us.

You can check out the video below along with a clip from last year which makes clear just how out-of-his-depth the proprietor of the Pork Chop Express finds himself in Carpenter’s movie.

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