"This is not a media event or about Donald J. Trump– this is about the United States of America," national embarrassment and one-time-polling-higher-than-Romney presidential candidate Donald Trump declared yesterday about the "very, very big" announcement he would release today.

Trump debuted a video just now with his offensive offer to the president: Release your college paperwork (applications, grades, etc.) and he'll donate five million dollars to the charity of the president's choice. He's ostensibly doing this to give himself 24 hours in the news cycle promote transparency, but Trump forgets that Obama is already a very transparent president – he's downright see-through, according to Clint Eastwood and Co. at the RNC.

On a more serious note, can we talk about how gross it is that Trump is essentially withholding money from charities that could use the help? These kind of hostage tactics would never fly on The Celebrity Apprentice.

Who do you think is shooting the video? Self-shot with a webcam? Third wife Melania Trump? One of his sons? ("Daa-aadd. You're embarrassing us!") Check it out and leave your best guess in the comments.

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