Fashion Week Milan
Credit: Antonio Calanni/AP

When Dolce & Gabbana showed its Spring ’13 collection, the reviews were mostly favorable, but some in the fashion community raised a (well-manicured) eyebrow over the Blackamoor imagery used by the label on everything from raffia dresses to oversized earrings.

Though the collection debuted more than a month ago during Milan fashion week, Azaelia Banks didn’t get a first look until a few days ago… and she was not happy with what she saw.

On Saturday, the rapper took to Twitter to announce that she’s boycotting the “racist ass” Italian luxury brand for using “black mammie” imagery. Banks also prescribed a punishment for the designers, which includes a “swift kick in the mouth” and a graphic sex act. Read on to see Banks’ full Twitter tirade.

See Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring ’13 collection here and tell us: Do you find it racially offensive?

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