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October 23, 2012 at 02:30 PM EDT
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In case you couldn’t tell, we here at EW are big fans of Happy Endings. After a shaky first season, the ABC series came back roaring for its second year, nearly doubling its viewership. The utterly hilarious, insanely quirky show returns for its third season tonight after an interminable a six-month hiatus. Series star Zachary Knighton, who plays the v-neck loving Dave, sat down with us to discuss the premiere, his ideal guest star and his feelings on a Dave/Penny relationship. So check out our interview below, then tune in to ABC tonight at 9:30 for the premiere!

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How does it feel to have a third season?

Zachary Knighton: It feels really great. I feel like Happy Endings was one of those shows that didn’t get the big roll-out and I think that actually benefitted us because people feel like they discovered the show. That’s really awesome. That’s kind of what our show is: people’s happy little discovery.

At the end of last season, Penny (Casey Wilson) got a bit of a crush on Dave. What are your feelings on a relationship between the two of them?

It seems a little strange because Penny and Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) are such good friends. I like the fact that they’re playing with it. It seems like it could work in some realm of possibility. But it’s a TV show. They’re going to flirt with anything that piques people’s interest.

Colin Hanks had a phenomenal turn as a guest star last season. Who would you like to see on the show?

[Hanks] crushed it. I didn’t really think of him as a comedic actor, but he was really fantastic. Apparently Bryan Cranston’s a fan of the show. Imagine getting a guy like him. But he’s got his own thing going on. I was at an Emmy party and Jon Favreau came up to me and said he was a fan. Favreau would be a great older brother to one of the characters.

Do you have favorite moment from the show thus far?

The scene where Damon [Wayans Jr.] comes dancing into the dentist’s office. He’s so talented and I thought it was a really funny scene. You don’t see that kind of thing happen in a sitcom. It just makes you feel good. It makes you happy.

What do you want to see for Dave’s character in the future?

I don’t think [Dave’s] business is doing so hot. I’d like to see him expand. Maybe he starts franchising out some trucks or something.

What can you tease from tonight’s premiere?

Alex and Dave are going to be back together. It’s been really awesome working with Elisha. We’ve never gotten to work together in this way because for the first two seasons, we’re just snapping at each other. It held our characters back in a lot of ways because they were dealing with the fallout of the break-up. We didn’t get to develop our characters as much. This year, you get to see the characters in a completely different light.

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