By Jeff Labrecque
Updated October 23, 2012 at 06:59 PM EDT
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I didn’t see Magic Mike when it opened in theaters last June. I meant to, I swear. After all, even if the movie looked a little like equal parts 54 and Showgirls, it’s a Steven Soderbergh film: think Traffic, Out of Sight, Erin Brockovich, Ocean’s Eleven. Plus, I knew it featured a gonzo Matthew McConaughey playing the bongos, which would normally be enough for me to see any movie even if Steve Buscemi had Channing Tatum’s sexy stripper role. But for some insecurity reason, I never made it to the theater to see it on the big screen. Not that the film suffered for it — it eventually grossed $113.7 million.

But with the movie out on Blu-ray, DVD and digital download today, I no longer had any excuses. Yes, it is the story of two male strippers, one an accomplished veteran (Tatum) looking to graduate to the next chapter in his life, the other an impressionable kid (Alex Pettyfer) just looking for some cash and a good time. McConaughey is the owner of their Tampa Bay strip club, and Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello share the stage through a variety of strip teases and bacchanalian behavior. Within the first two minutes, Tatum bares his behind. Later, we see a silhouette of Manganiello’s kick-stand, and the guys spend a lot of time grinding the panting ladies shoving handfulls of dollar bills at them. But Magic Mike never gets as hardcore as a film like Boogie Nights. It’s more like The Full Monty with Calvin Klein models instead of depressed middle-aged Brits.

Take a look below at an extended behind-the-scenes clip of the film’s dance routines, choreographed by Alison Faulk. Bonus points if you can watch and not think about Chris Farley.

The Magic Mike Blu-ray Combo Pack, out today, contains the following special features:

Extended Dance Scenes

Dance Play Mode – All the dance sequences back to back

“Backstage on Magic Mike – Tatum shares the finer details of being a male stripper and the transformation of his co-stars went through in order to perfect the art of taking off their clothes.

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