Credit: Claudette Barius/Warner Bros.

So, here’s the situation – hypothetical, of course – you’ve just bought Magic Mike on iTunes, but your young children are refusing to go to bed. Are you going to just give up and watch The Lorax instead? Are you going to let all that glorious maleness pass you by?

C’mon ladies, how badly do you want it? (And by “it,” I mean “seeing the movie,” of course… get your minds out the gutter.)

Do you want it (again? for the first time?) badly enough that you would pop it in there regardless of if the kids were roaming around? No way! Right?

Hmmmmm….. maybe?

Well, you know if you really wanted to, you could come up with five very important lessons to be learned from this movie courtesy of Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, and crew. So not only is it something that wouldn’t be so bad if your kids saw, but you practically owe it to them and their social development. Just be sure to discuss the following afterwards:

1. The importance of a strong work ethic.

Despite being so totally over the whole stripping thing, Mike still shows up day-after-day night-after-night because he has DREAMS. He knows that he has to continue to work hard [ahem] in order for his dreams to come true. And spoiler alert: they DO! Dreams DO come true!

2. The value of a dollar.

Mike saves his money to finance his furniture-making ambitions. All those singles eventually add up, you know. A dollar here, a dollar there, a dollar… actually we don’t need to think about where those dollars were. Anyway, they add up.

3. The importance of friendship.

Poor Adam falls in with the wrong crowd (who knew there was a “right crowd” in the stripping world?) and finds himself owing $10,000 to drug dealers. Not great. Without blinking an eye, Mike comes to his rescue and pays off his debt. The lesson? Your true friends will always have your (bare) back, so choose wisely. (And of course, there’s the whole bonus lesson, “Don’t get involved with drug dealers,” as well. Score!)

4. True love conquers all.

When you find the person you want to be with – like Brooke and Mike – you have to be willing to swallow your pride and keep an open mind. After all, no one ever says, “I would really like to fall in love with a male stripper.” But hey, it happens!

5. The importance of exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Go ahead and Google “images of the cast of Magic Mike.” I’m pretty sure this one is self-explanatory.

There you go. You’re practically home-schooling your kids while watching this movie. You’re welcome.