Credit: Jesse Cowell/My Damn Channel

This is…the age we live in now.

Judd Apatow will edit Vanity Fair’s first-ever Comedy Issue, the magazine announced today. This marks the third time that there has been a guest-editor in the past 20 years of the publication: Bono edited the Africa issue in July 2007, and Tom Ford edited the Hollywood Portfolio in March 2006.

Apatow makes sense to edit the January 2013 edition, which will feature a 20-page spread of ‘Who’s Who’ among today’s comedy stars. Apatow is, of course, the writer/director of such films as Knocked Up, 40 Year Old Virgin, Funny People and others. His next project is the “sort-of sequel” to Knocked Up, December’s <i>This is 40, with Paul Rudd and Apatow’s wife, Leslie Mann. (For those that need more This is 40, the full script is already available online.) He’s also the executive producer of HBO’s show Girls, which means that it’s likely Lena Dunham will be making an appearance in Vanity Fair‘s coverage.

“I proposed the idea of editing a comedy issue. I didn’t think Graydon [Carter] would say yes, and then I didn’t think it would be that much work. And then I found out I don’t get paid,” said Apatow in a release on Vanity Fair’s site. “I’m a gigantic fan of Vanity Fair and having the opportunity to collaborate on an issue that focuses on comedy has been fantastic.”

Although it hasn’t been officially announced, I hope this means we can expect guest columns from some of his famous friends, ideally along with photo spreads like these.

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