By Lynette Rice
Updated October 23, 2012 at 05:12 AM EDT

It’s official: Gilles Marini not only has the power to blow away the ladies, he can knock them out of their seats. During Monday’s episode of Dancing with the Stars, the actor’s performance with Peta Murgatroyd was so steamy that a breathless Carrie Ann Inaba exclaimed, “Let the babymaking begin!” before toppling to the floor.

Before you start thinking Inaba has turned into a lechy cougar, it was Marini who suggested that his performance could make he and his partner “responsible for a lot of babies.” The French-American actor managed to pull it off, too, earning a 29.5 for his sexy rumba danced to “I Will Always Love You.” (Even his gun holster looked hot in the dance that was a homage to Whitney Houston in The Bodyguard).

But Marini didn’t expect his number to deliver such a knock-out blow to the judges — or one in particular.

“I’m like, gosh, she got hurt!” he told reporters after Monday’s show. “As the firefighter that I used to be I just picked her up.”

“Gilles to the rescue!” adds Murgatroyd. “She didn’t fall off because the chair broke or anything. She fell off because of Gilles’ sexiness and the ability [he has] to draw women in, to suck them in and then to make them faint.”

Yeah, Marini is not exactly comfortable hearing that. “I would never say that. my mom will slap me if say anything like that!” he said. “I think it’s an unfortunate event but thank God she didn’t get hurt and next thing you know, the compliments are flying around and I got kind of deaf because of the roar of the crowd. I was like, where am I? I was flying high.

“I’m sure this is what people at home want to see … the drama, the happiness, the fun, the performances,” Marini continued. “It’s all stars. This season is always going to be remembered as the most incredible season ever.”

He may be right, if only for moments like this: