By Matt Cabral
October 23, 2012 at 04:32 PM EDT
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It’s official. Borderlands is indeed blasting onto iOS devices in an all-new title starring the series’ original quartet of vault hunters. Borderlands Legends, the bite-sized take on the console blockbuster, will have players looting, leveling, and laying waste to ugly bandits on Oct. 31 ($4.99 iPhone, $6.99 iPad). 

Behind the big guns of Brick, Lilith, Mordecai, and Roland, fans will be treated to a fresh take on the series’ signature shoot-and-loot formula. Playing from a top-down perspective, they’ll encounter various classes of familiar foes — Skags, Bandits, Crimson Lance, Spider Ants — and pimp skill trees loosely based on the original Borderlands. Characters possess three action skills and six abilities, with each of the latter supporting five levels. In a neat twist, players control all four characters simultaneously and can temporarily coordinate their corpse-piling talents to unleash powerful attacks.

While additional details on the action-RPG-strategy hybrid are scarcer than solid Eridium bricks, we did smuggle a few more tidbits from our brief look at Legends: the gameplay’s driven by randomized, objective-based missions; enemy difficulty scales alongside players’ unlimited ability to level-up; guns and gear can be purchased from mustachioed merchant Marcus; and, like its console counterparts, Legends allows lethally wounded players to score a life-reviving “second wind” with a well-placed slug.

Oh, and did we mention boss battles?  Yeah, players will want to take full advantage of every death-dealer in their arsenal — as well as Legendsstrategic cover system — before facing the screen-filling Hellhound.

Craving more Borderlands Legends intel? Click through for images, and check back this Thursday for our exclusive hands-on preview!

Characters’ upgradeable action skills and abilities are tweaked much how they are in the console games

The series’ signature stylized visual presentation makes an impressive jump to the small screen.

Legends adopts a top-down perspective, offering players a more strategic view of Pandora’s battlegrounds

Players can avoid becoming pulpy puddles by utilizing Legend’s cover system — a first for the franchise

Marcus’ vending machines — accessible before, after, and mid-mission — provide a one-stop shop for all your arsenal-building needs.

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