Waiting a day to harvest your soybeans is sooo 2009. Forget the fields, Facebook’s next big game centers around a certain Yellow Brick Road. That’s right, my pretties. The Wizard of Oz is coming to Facebook.

Spooky Cool Labs has developed the classic film into a multi-platform game that is currently in beta testing on the social networking site. (For those of you that are desperate to try it, you can pick up a beta key on the site’s Facebook page.) The fully 3D virtual world reunites you with your favorite Oz characters — Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion — while you journey down the Yellow Brick Road, building your own Munchkinland as you go.

New players get a 45-minute tutorial from Glenda the Good Witch, and the game itself can also be extremely time-consuming. (According to The Hollywood Reporter, some people played the game for eleven hours a day.) The end goal is to reach Oz and ultimately make it back to Kansas, but since the game’s chock-full of side quests, players can be delayed almost infinitely.

I do like the idea of bringing movie-based games to Facebook. How cool would it be to play a James Bond adventure? Or maybe something with Indiana Jones? What are your suggestions, PopWatchers? Will you be playing the Wizard of Oz Facebook game? Have you played it already? Tell me about it below!

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