What’s blond and bright and Red all over? Taylor Swift, who appeared on Good Morning America just hours after her new album shot to number one on iTunes. Wearing an appropriately crimson dress, Swift was all smiles and sunniness — even when anchor George Stephanopoulos tried to sneak in a question about her tabloid-friendly relationship with Connor Kennedy. The songstress dodged the question with expert ease, saying that while she’s happy to sing about her love life, she prefers not to talk about it: “I really think that it sounds more poetic and romantic with music behind it.”

But Taylor was happy to chat about her songwriting process — “I just grab a guitar and make stuff up. Everybody’s got a different way of doing things” — the emotionally draining new tune “All Too Well,” and what makes her smile: “Mostly cats.” Oh, and in case you were looking for Tay-Tay’s TV recommendations, she’s really into CSI, Law & Order, Grey’s Anatomy, Girls, and The Mindy Project. Eclectic!

Check out the full interview below — and if you’re ever in Nashville, keep an eye out for Swift’s dad, Scott. According to Taylor, he likes to walk around giving her old guitar picks to random strangers. He sounds kind of like the Bill Murray of Tennessee.

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