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October 22, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT

Hi, y’all! Happy almost-Halloween.

In between gathering scoops, I’m in the process of deciding what I’ll be wearing for the big night. So far, I’ve narrowed my options down to: an Observer, the Human Being, or bored single person. I know where I’m leaning but feel free to weigh in if you have a chance.

Meanwhile, make sure you’re emailing all your spoiler question to or sending them via Twitter (@EWSandraG). Also, I’m taking other random TV questions via Vyou. I know, that’s a lot of me. Let’s move on:


If you, like me, are still haunted by the image of Castiel calling out to Dean in Purgatory, sit back. I have some interesting intel for you.

While talking to Misha Collins about his charitable scavenger hunt (more about that here), he also confirmed a hunch we’d had about the last time Dean saw Cas. It was, in fact, while Dean was exiting Purgatory. But there’s much more to it than that. “That very moment is a pivotal moment. I think Dean is confused about what happened at that moment and won’t actually find out what happened then until episode 7,” he reveals. “It’s going to take a while to see that moment play out.” Suffice to say the truth hurts — especially on this show.

But when Cas does return topside, look for him to be “reinvigorated with a sense of purpose,” says Collins. “He essentially feels like he has to do good in order to right the wrongs of his past. So he starts to collaborate with Sam and Dean for that reason — so that he can continue to try to make things right. He’s no longer paying penance, really, because it’s no longer an act of suffering for him. But he’s doing his best to right the wrongs of his past.” Doing so won’t be as easy as he hopes, however. “He’s doing that in ways that help Sam and Dean and then, ultimately, it might also make life — as per usual with the Supernatural universe — complicated for Sam and Dean. At first, it seems like everything is hunky dory. But things quickly fall apart.”


You guys, Scandal is on FIRE! The hook up between Abby and David last week? The blow up between Abby and Quinn? The Fitz drama? It’s too much. And by that, I mean it’s perfect and I want more now. Thankfully, the cast (specifically EW’s inside man Josh Malina and cast member Katie Lowes) were nice enough to answer a few questions for us:

+ Will the gang find out about David and Abby? Eventually, I’m sure. And says Lowes, “let’s just say it causes massive conflict in the office if or when it is discovered.”

+ David and Abby = is it a one time thing? My guess? No. But Lowes is a little more coy: “You’ll definitely see in the coming weeks if their relationship is one for immediate pleasure or something deeper.”

+Will David ever get a backstory episode? “I’d definitely be into it,” says Malina. Though, as of now, plans are for David to stay hot on Olivia’s trail (and possibly in a hot frenemies with benefits situation with Abby). And Malina doesn’t see David being thrown off his path by anyone or anything. “I really think [David]’s one of the few characters with clean hands. I think in the ‘My white hat is bigger than your white hat,’ I think he’s winning. Olivia’s white hat is at least 50 shades of grey. David so far is the one who can basically say my hands are clean.”

+ Is David in danger now that he’s figuring things out? Definitely, I say. But Malina has a somewhat less panicked reaction. “I think any time you go up against Olivia your character is in some sort of danger [but] don’t know if it’s mortal. She’s a very difficult person to get ahead of, and so I think it’s dangerous to take her on.”


I was so on board the Klaroline train, people — and AM on board — but with Klaus on his usual string of bad behavior, am I the only one feeling like it’s looking less and less likely that this pairing will ever get a chance to play out? Probably not. But Joseph Morgan recently gave me a reason to turn my fan-frown upside down.

When EW recently hit the set of The Vampire Diaries in Atlanta, Morgan said in the first few episode of this season, fans will definitely see a little bit more between these two. “We’ll certainly see their relationship — but I don’t mean relationship in the sense that they’re dating — but we’ll certainly see the dynamic between them develop,” he says.

How? He wouldn’t say. Though he said he relishes the opportunity to show new shades of Klaus. “[The Klaus/Caroline storyline] brings out Klaus’ humanity. I love playing the more charming side of him and the scenes with Caroline really allow me to do that,” he says. “So I hope he has a shot with her. I think everyone deserves love and a second chance.”

If/When his chance comes, however, it will be easier said than done. “I wonder how much of a compromise he’d have to make in order for her to come around to him and whether he will be able to make that compromise,” says Morgan.

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