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October 22, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT

There’s some outstanding music on TV right now — the proof lies in EW’s own TV Jukebox. But not all great TV music has words, and for that proof, I ask you to listen below to three instrumental scores that I can’t seem to get out of my head. Nor would I want to.

The music cues below — from Scandal, Once Upon a Time and Castle — were all brought to my attention in the last year or so because they accompanied scenes with three of my favorite TV couples (respectively, Fitz/Olivia, Snow/Charming, and Castle/Beckett) and continue to be part of these couples’ stories in this current TV season. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Every time I hear them featured over a brand new scene, they are the cherry on top of the moment.

In fact, if asked, I probably couldn’t possibly pick a favorite among them, but that said, I invite you to do so. I’m very curious which comes out on top in your book.

Snow and Charming theme from Once Upon a Time

I remember falling in love with Snow and Charming’s theme very early on. I think the first time I noticed it was when Mary Margaret was reading to comatose James in the third episode of season 1, and it’s since become an integral part of their scenes for me. No matter what I’m doing at the time, this deeply romantic and whimsical theme always stops my in my tracks. I was hoping that it wouldn’t change in the second season, and it hasn’t. Thank goodness! Listen:

“The Light” by The Album Leaf (Fitz and Olivia theme)

Fitz and Olivia are a volatile pair often driven by their individual passions, but when it comes to their passion for one another, it’s a rare moment of serenity for them. So this song — “The Lights” by The Album Leaf — perfectly captures that. (If you need some context, watch some here. Lordy.)

“I Just Want You” by Robert Duncan (Castle and Beckett theme)

Even though Castle and Beckett have circled couple-dom for a long time, it wasn’t until the end of season 4 that they actually dove into it. With that big moment came the introduction of their official theme, seemingly named after the line that Beckett delivered to Castle at his doorstep before they pounced on one another. I had initially thought of it to be a one-time listen, but we’ve heard the song as recently as last week, when the pair had a romantic getaway in the Hamptons. Seems like it’s here to stay, and fans couldn’t ask for a more perfect scene setter.

Now that you have the basics, let’s take a vote: Which is best? I’m not voting because we’ve already established that I’m torn. But I invite you to do so!

Also, if you think you know one for a current TV couple that trumps them all, I’d love for you to share it! (Side note: Anyone totally lovesick after listening to all those? Sorry.)

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