'PROMETHEUS' UNBOUND The DVD/Blu-ray extras may not answer all lingering questions, but there are enough geeky tidbits to satisfy disappointing audiences
Credit: Kerry Brown/Twentieth Century Fox

The year isn’t over yet, but if I had to come up with my nominee for the most disappointing film of 2012 so far, I’d go with Prometheus (2 hrs., 4 mins., R). I get that expectations were ridiculously high for Ridley Scott’s first foray into science fiction since Blade Runner. Still, on just about any level (logic, 3-D spectacle, as an extension of the Alien mythology), the movie came up short. Of course, there were some bright spots: Michael Fassbender’s chilly android, David, and Noomi Rapace’s gruesome self-administered surgery come to mind. But ultimately the whole thing felt a bit like the final episode of Lost — too much mystery, not enough answers. Even the film’s marketing folks seem to understand this. After all, the cover of the new DVD/Blu-ray sells the promise that ”Questions will be answered.” The good news is that there are more than seven hours of EXTRAS on the four-disc set. The high point is an exhaustive three-hour, 40-minute feature called The Furious Gods, which will give anyone who knows the difference between a face hugger and a chest burster a welcome look inside both the making of this Alien prequel and Scott’s big, throbbing brain, where questions like ”Who made us?” and ”hy are we here?” ricochet around like pinballs. His director’s commentary is like the world’s dizziest philosophy seminar. Some of the other treats here are a glimpse at Rapace’s screen test (the studio wanted to be sure her English was passable) and 14 deleted scenes, which are meatier than the usual cutting-room scraps served up on most discs. Do any of these extras deliver those so-called answers or make Prometheus a better film? Nah, not really. But the goodies are so wonderfully geeky and piled so high, they will do as a mea culpa for now. The movie: C The extras: A

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