By Hillary Busis
October 20, 2012 at 08:37 AM EDT
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As I was watching tonight’s episode of Degrassi, I suddenly remembered something the show seems to have forgotten: Drew and Adam are brothers. Came-from-the-same-parents, literal brothers. [Update: Oops, they’re actually stepbrothers. Still, my point stands.] So why haven’t they interacted in, like, a billion episodes? Shouldn’t they be turning to each other for support in these trying times — and why hasn’t their mother, Audra, considered asking Adam to talk to his brother about Drew’s impulsive engagement? I know that this show isn’t always the most consistent — remember Spinner’s disappearing sister, Kendra? — but still, it’s pretty weird that the Torres boys appear to be suffering from familial amnesia.

Anyway: “Building a Mystery: Part 2” picked up pretty close to where Part 1 left off. Becky worked up the courage to tell her parents the truth about Adam and was thrilled when they seemed supportive — only to be devastated when her dad sat the teens down and advised them to consider “reparative therapy,” colloquially known as “praying the gay away.” Though Becky was initially horrified by her father’s actions, his words — and her discovery of Adam’s tampons — led her to listen to him, rejecting Adam for a therapist’s chair.

As tough as it was to watch Becky cave, I think this was the right choice for Degrassi to make. Nobody who’s been indoctrinated with anti-gay rhetoric her entire life could fall so easily into a relationship with someone who’s trans. Having Becky enter therapy instead means giving her character a longer, more complex journey — and I can’t wait to see how the show depicts a conversion practice. At the very least, this is a storyline that’s never been done on Degrassi before — no small feat, considering the “next generation” has now aired 299 (!) episodes.

Meanwhile, Bianca and Drew have decided to throw common sense to the wind by getting married over their spring break in Las Vegas — or “Veh-gus,” as Jenna calls it. It’s always fun when Degrassi goes on field trips, so I sort of hope these kids make it all the way to the altar. But I also wish Bianca had realized that when Audra was trying to talk her down, she wasn’t saying that Bianca’s not good enough for Drew — she was saying that Drew shouldn’t be enough for Bianca, who’s clearly a lot smarter and more driven than her intended. Even if she did murder someone that one time.

As for Eli — am I the only person who thought his new, improved second movie wasn’t really that much better than his disastrous first attempt? No matter; that Important Director who randomly showed up to teach a class at Degrassi liked it, and will now be writing Eli’s ticket to NYU. If nothing else, I appreciate getting to see him and Clare enjoy a little bit of happiness together — before their next breakup, which is really going to be a doozy. Unless they, too, get married in Veh-gus.


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