By Josh Stillman
Updated October 19, 2012 at 02:27 PM EDT

Cloud Atlas

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Tom Hanks may be the coolest celebrity on the planet, so we’ll forgive him for swearing openly on national television.

Good Morning America host Elizabeth Vargas asked Hanks to demonstrate the voice of one of his characters from the upcoming Cloud Atlas. Hanks obliged — with the warning that “it’s mostly swear words — and proceeded to drop a guttural F-bomb.

The inadvertent gaffe caught both Vargas and Hanks by surprise, but Hanks gamely played it off by apologizing and suggesting that future interviews will run with a 7-second delay. A-list nonchalance and genuine contrition? Yep, he’s still awesome.

UPDATE: The Parents Television Council might not agree, and has criticized Good Morning America for airing the unedited segment. “Once again, a morning news show has allowed the harshest profanity to be broadcast into every living room and breakfast table in the country. This is just another in a long, sad string of similar instances where all of the major network morning shows have permitted this inappropriate and offensive content. These cannot and must not be dismissed as ‘mistakes,’ and it’s time for the networks to step up, take responsibility for what they broadcast, and ensure that this never happens again,” PTC Director of Public Policy Dan Isett said in a statement.

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