By Jeff Labrecque
October 19, 2012 at 07:47 PM EDT
Harry How/Getty Images

Tebowmania has been absent so far from this NFL season. After leading the Denver Broncos on an improbable playoff run, quarterback Tim Tebow was traded during the offseason to be a back-up with the New York Jets. But there’s still plenty of football to be played and with the Jets’ starting QB Mark Sanchez struggling, there remain possible opportunities for the folk hero to resurrect his team’s playoff chances and strike his iconic pose.

If and when he does, Tebowing, as its called, will be officially trademarked. As of last week, according to Deadspin, the 25-year-old quarterback and his XV Enterprises marketing agency acquired the rights to his much imitated genuflection. He now owns the legal right to sell you Tebowing comic books, posters, bobble head dolls, jigsaw puzzles, and oodles of other nick-nacks.

But according to Jane McManus of ESPN, Tebow has no intention of profiting off his trend-setting pose. “[He just] doesn’t want other people to cash in,” she tweeted. “It is still a prayer to him.”

Wow. I have no snide comment to add.

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