By Breia Brissey
October 19, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT

My current to-read list is daunting. Particularly since I have a fond appreciation for all things YA, and there seems to be a new release in the genre every time I turn around. But tell me about a book that’s a cross between Twin PeaksRevenge, and Pretty Little Liars? I’m going to have a hard time turning it down. Lili Peloquin’s The Innocents hit shelves earlier this week, and promises to be just that.

Here’s what the official description has to say: “Before Serenity Point, nothing ever came between sisters Alice and Charlie. But their lives are completely ripped apart when their parents divorce, and their mother marries again so quickly they don’t even get refills on champagne. Their new stepdad Richard Flood has major skeletons in his closet: the deaths of his first wife and daughter still haunt him.

Reserved, slightly older Alice and feisty, younger Charlie don’t trust their stepfather, and they dread moving to his summer estate in the wealthy town of Serenity Point—a place they refuse to like and where they know they’ll never belong. Before Alice and Charlie can begin to understand the rules of their new town, the depth of their strange family history, and just how closely they’re connected to their dead stepsister Camilla, they’re sucked into the strange and seductive life of the extremely wealthy. A life they can’t help but hate, and can’t help but love.”

Check out this exclusive excerpt from The Innocents after the jump, and then sound off in the comments with your thoughts. Does The Innocents pique your interest?

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