By Lisa Schwarzbaum
Updated October 19, 2012 at 04:00 AM EDT
Credit: Chuck Zlotnick
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An energetically demented psycho-killer comedy set in faux-noir L.A., Seven Psychopaths rollicks along to the unique narrative beat and language stylings of Anglo-Irish writer-director Martin McDonagh (In Bruges), channeling Quentin Tarantino. The oddballs, miscreants, bumblers, and loons who get up to all kinds of no good in this meta tale of moviemaking and crazy ambition include In Bruges‘ Colin Farrell as Marty, an alcoholic screenwriter; a full-tilt-loopy Sam Rockwell as Martin’s maniacally eager-to-help best friend, Billy; and Christopher Walken (who’s got first dibs forever on playing unhinged gentlemen) as Billy’s partner in the business of dognapping. Between shoot-outs, female characters getting offed (while the male characters discuss the sexism of female characters getting offed), and Tom Waits forever fondling a pet rabbit, McDonagh has a fine time deconstructing movie genres in the SoCal sunshine. So do we. B+

Seven Psychopaths

  • Movie
  • 110 minutes
  • Martin McDonagh