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Last year, Supernatural actor Misha Collins spearheaded the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. And the 6,200 people who participated broke a world record.

They’re back at it again this year — this time with 10,000 people pre-registered — and if Collins’ preview is any indication, it’s only going to get weirder.

A little background: The event began as a quest to organize the largest global scavenger hunt ever — and, in the process, raise a little money for Collins’ Random Acts of Kindness charity. With 6,200 participants, who carried out tasks from a massive and highly unusual list that included earrings made of molars and flying foliage, they succeeded. And Collins promises it’s only going to get bigger and better.

“Unless there’s a horrible catastrophe and we lose 4,000 people to the forces of nature, I think we will (break our record),” he says. “It was a lot of fun to put together the list and it was also fun to see people pulling off these items that a lot of times caused people to have to push outside their comfort zone.”

Need examples? Not a problem. Collins picked out five of his favorite tasks from last year for EW (and gave us a preview of this year’s list). Read his picks below, in no particular order:

+A sculpture of a sea gull. Must be at least two feet high. Must be made entirely from (unused) tampons and sanitary napkins.

“The bird made out of maxi pads, there were literally about 600 of those, and there were some truly phenomenal looking birds,” he says. “That was a truly impressive lineup.”

+ Fill hundred of balloons with helium, tie them to a decorated Christmas tree and watch the tree float away. Tree must be a real pine tree (not faux) and must be at least five feet tall. The video must show the tree floating off and should be 40 seconds long.

“That was a difficult one to pull off, but when it worked, it looked amazing. It did create a little bit of a stir with law enforcement and airports because Christmas Trees in the airspace are not something they look upon favorably. But I also had a few things I’ve always wanted to see.”

+An 80-year-old woman wearing earrings made from human molars.

“People don’t usually ask their grandmothers to wear earrings made of human molars. Which begs the question, where to do you get human molars when you need them?” he says. “That really was actually quite disturbing to look at.” More disturbing? They received hundreds of photos.

+ An image of the text of an Emily Dickinson poem projected on the hull of a navy ship at night. The ship must be at least as big as a destroyer

“That was a very cool and arresting image.”

+ Take out a small ad in the Croatian daily morning paper, “Jutarnji list” that says, in English, “If you want your life to have meaning, you want GISHWHES in your life.”

“I don’t know why, but I took great pleasure in this one,” he says. “If you opened up a copy of the paper from that week, there is virtually nothing in it except people taking out the ad with their team number in it. It was pretty hilarious.”

Three scoops on this year’s list. (Registration ends tomorrow.):

1. Two world records?! Yes, possibly. Aside from likely shattering last year’s record for the hunt itself, there might be another title at stake. “We’ve been talking to Guinness and they have pre-approved us for another category in Guinness World Records, and it is: Collecting pledges for Random Acts of Kindness,” he says. “So essentially we’re going to get people to pledge an act of kindness to another person, which is a nice tie-in to what we’re doing with the charity.”

2. Hint: “There will be an item that involves a black and white television set and the show Supernatural”

3. Want to get ahead of the curve? Start searching for…an antique wooden water mill. “That will give you a leg up on the competition,” he teases.


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