By Erin Strecker
Updated October 19, 2012 at 08:20 PM EDT
Credit: Ilpo Musto/Rex/Rex USA

Well, the moment anyone who ever perfected a “Bye Bye Bye” dance dreaded has finally arrived: Justin Timberlake is officially hitched. Alas, he didn’t marry you; he married Jessica Biel. Best wishes to them, of course. But Twitter informs me that some women are just a wee bit upset at hearing the news that the guy they’ve been planning to marry since they were 13 has gone and rudely tied the knot without them. I just received an email from a friend “jokingly” asking if we could cancel our plans tonight, as she would be inconsolable for at least 24 hours.

In honor of the new chapter in his life – and then end of a chapter in yours — check out some of our favorite moments that have had us crushing on Timberlake over the years.

He Displays Some Model Behavior:

For many, this was where the crush began. If the movies have taught us anything, it’s that the only thing between you and your favorite celebrity falling in love with you is physically being in the same space. That’s certainly the story when Jason (Timberlake) falls in love with a real-life, ordinary high school girl. (Start the video at 6:00 for maximum Timberlake swooning).

*NSYNC music video full of middle-school-locker images

Obviously, I had to show a flashback video full of JT’s old-school, blonde curly hair. While this song is actually off their second album (but you knew that!), it perfectly represents the best of the boy band era. When Timberlake wasn’t dancing on puppet strings, he was running across the top of a train.

That Time He Brought Sexy Back

It wasn’t featured on his first Britney-Spears-and-I-are-over solo record — this was off the Mr.-Timberlake-if-you’re-nasty sexy second album — but it was adult and perfect. You all know where I’m going with this. To the music video that also served as some serious sex education.

He’s hot…and he’s also funny.

When Justin first hosted Saturday Night Live in 2003, expectations weren’t that high. All that changed, however, after Timberlake’s fun and enthusiastic performance that, over the years, have led to Timberlake being essentially an honorary cast member. Sure, his digital shorts with Andy Samberg are legend, (and who can forget his “Single Ladies” dance!?) but we also love this silly sketch about coming over to America, full of self-deprecating humor by a game JT.

He’s funny…and he also raps/is a perfect late-night guest.

And in addition to all that, of course there are those that love him for his acting (I saw Friends with Benefits in theaters and I liked it!), those that love him for his fragrance line, those that love him for his early influence on Ryan Gosling, and those that love him for his BBQ restaurant. (I assume?) Just return our body-rocking love, Justin.

If that’s not possible, maybe his newlywed happiness can transfer to some new music? That would be a pretty good consolation prize for us all.

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