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SPOILER ALERT! If you want to wait until the final episodes of Gossip Girl air later this month to see what happens to Serena, Blair, Chuck and the rest of the gang, stop reading now.

See, issuing a spoiler alert isn’t that hard. So why can’t fashion blogs warn us before they post pictures of the actors filming what look to be pivotal scenes?

After several fashion sites posted a photo of Blake Lively and Penn Badgley on set yesterday, gossip and celebrity sites picked up the thread and soon the Internet was abuzz with Gossip Girl wedding chatter. Serena’s wearing what looks to be a fashion-forward wedding gown and holding a bouquet of flowers! Dan’s in a suit and boutonniere, and he combed his hair! (The fact that the third person in the shot is wearing a clerical collar is also a pretty big clue.) This comes just days after we saw Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester, in character as Chuck and Blair, and appearing to have just exchanged ‘I dos.’

Of course, until we see the scenes unfold on the show, this is all just speculation. But since the fashion blogs started it, I’ve examined the images—and critiqued of the dresses—to see if I could extrapolate any plot hints. See the spoilery photos and read my detailed analysis below.

Credit: Bauer Griffin

Dan and Serena

Is it me, or does Dan not look happy? Maybe he’s worried about getting swallowed up by that dress. Not that we’re complaining. Serena’s carried off some extravagant ensembles throughout the series, but this stunning gold Georges Chakra ball gown takes the (wedding?) cake. In fact, it’s so over-the-top it makes me wonder whether this is scene is actually dream sequence (or more accurately, Serena’s dream and Dan’s nightmare).

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Chuck and Blair

Did you really think Chuck Bass was going to show up to his wedding in an off-the-rack suit? Please. In his dapper white ensemble, he almost manages to upstage Blair. The bride’s gauzy, intricately-embroidered Elie Saab dress is perfection. Literally, perfection. I especially love that she took the tradition of wearing something blue to a whole new level. As for the other characters in attendance, they seem pretty dressed down, as though they didn’t have much time to prepare for the nuptials. And it can’t be a coincidence that Blair is wearing baby blue and Chuck is wearing baby pink. Is this what a shotgun wedding looks like on the Upper East Side?

Do you think Dan and Serena and Chuck and Blair will get hitched? And whose dress do you prefer? Sound off in the comments!

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