Ever wonder if there was a secret group of high-powered tastemakers setting the pop-culture agenda for America? Wondering time is over, as we will infiltrate their exclusive ranks in the celeb-stuffed season 4 premiere of The Cleveland Show. We won’t spoil too much, other than to say that Cleveland is miffed that the rapper Kenny West (returning guest-star Kanye West) did not properly share credit for their hit “Be-Cleve in Yourself,” and when he shows up at Kenny’s pad, he winds up discovering that Kenny is part of a hip-hop secret society, whose members include Nicki Minaj,, Bruno Mars (explanation in video), and Questlove. Check out this scene from the episode, which features the robed illuminati raising goblets (and… oil prices?), plus the world’s biggest remote.

“Menace II Secret Society” airs Oct. 21 on Fox. The list of famous people lending their voices to season 4 also includes Krysten Ritter, Bryan Cranston, and Sofia Vergara.

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