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In next month’s issue of Men’s Fitness, Matthew Fox speaks candidly about his recent DUI and accusations that he assaulted a female bus driver while he was in Cleveland filming Alex Cross. The allege victim in the August 2011 incident eventually dropped her case, but in May, his former Lost co-star Dominic Monaghan piled on, posting on Twitter that Fox “beats women.” Sources close to Fox shot down the claims, but the actor never released a statement himself.

“It’s been a long, trying year of sitting on my hands on a lot of negative sh-t said about me, when they’re the furthest things from who I am,” said Fox. “That I beat a woman in Cleveland when in fact I was assaulted by a man and did nothing but retaliate against him? The 46 years I’ve been breathing on this planet, I have never hit a woman before. Never have, never will.”

He went on to say that the only negative press that was true over the past year was that he got a DUI, then added: “I will bet you any amount of money that I will never get behind the wheel of a car after even one drink… The rest of it — the Cleveland situation, the Monaghan situation — was a pile of bulls—, and I’m not gonna waste too much breath on that.”

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