October 17, 2012 at 07:03 PM EDT

Hey, Justin. Hey, it’s Aaron. I can’t come out tonight.” I need to talk about your video.

On Monday, Aaron Carter tweeted, “Justin Bieber’s new video reminds me of my video for Aaron’s Party.” Carter is referring to Bieber’s new self-directed video for his duet with Nicki Minaj, “Beauty and the Beat.” While the two videos are different — and Carter certainly didn’t say it was a rip-off — he’s got a point. For anyone who was the right tween age for “Aaron’s Party,” the “Beauty” video was bound to bring back a few PG-rated house party memories. (Although Carter’s party never had the star grinding against Nicki Minaj).

Because we at PopWatch will take just about any excuse to look back at that 2000 (!) hit, we broke down some intel regarding teen pop idols then and now.

Number of Albums Sold:

Bieber: 1.5 million (for Believe)(doesn’t include digital downloads)

Carter: 1.5 million (for Aaron’s Party (Come Get It) )

Biggest Scandal:

Bieber: Last fall, Bieber’s squeaky-clean image was tarnished when a fan claimed Bieber was the father of her child. This turned out to be untrue.

Carter: On his family’s E! reality show House of Carters, there was a fair amount of dysfunction. In 2008, he was also arrested for marijuana possession.

Family Connections:

Bieber: Mom and grandparents are pseudo-famous now, but only because of Bieber’s fame.

Carter: Like we have to explain: Aaron is Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter’s little bro.

Dating Drama:

Bieber: Has been dating Selena Gomez for over a year.

Carter: Get ready for a serious flashback: Back in the day, Carter was involved in a tabloid-ready triangle with Hilary Duff (he guested on an episode of Lizzie McGuire!) and Lindsay Lohan.

Celebrity Friends:

Bieber: Bieber counts Usher and Ludacris– among many others — as his friends and collaborators.

Carter: One of his videos co-stars (and name-checks) Shaquille O’Neal.

Look, obviously Justin Bieber is the bigger star. I’m certainly not arguing otherwise. But it’s interesting to compare the two, because I think you can definitely attribute some of Bieber’s success — particularly his luck outside the tween/teen market — to the time period. It’s not for nothing Bieber is referred to as the first YouTube artist and has over 29 million Twitter followers. What would life have been like if AC could have potentially re-tweeted your “I Want Candy” lip syncs? A world you’re super glad wasn’t around when you were planning out choreographed boy band dances with your friends? Yeah, me too.

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