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Woody Harrelson and Martin Sheen are set to star in the drama September Morn, framed around the events of Sept. 11, 2001. B.J. Davis is directing from a screenplay by Howard Cohen. The movie revolves around a group that questions the independent investigation into the terrorist attacks. Harrelson has been making comic waves recently as a killer crime boss in the bloody comedy Seven Psychopaths.

• Comedic blondie Elizabeth Banks has signed on to star in the comedy Walk of Shame, about a news anchor who goes on a zany trek across Los Angeles after a booze-filled one-night stand. Filmmaker Steve Brill is helming the project from his own script. Banks has been on the rise thanks to her role as colorful Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games. The sequel The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is currently filming. [Variety]

Diane Kruger and Anton Yelchin are attached to star in the romantic comedy 5 to 7, announced the film’s producers Bonnie Curtis and Julie Lynn of Mockingbird Pictures and The Solution Entertainment Group’s co-founders and partners, Lisa Wilson and Myles Nestel, in a press release. Victor Levin (AMC’s Mad Men) is directing, and also wrote the script. Star Trek and Like Crazy star Yelchin will play an aspiring novelist who has an affair with a French diplomat’s gorgeous wife, played by Inglourious Basterds ingenue Kruger. The film is set in New York, the scene of many a Woody Allen-esque romance.

Willem Dafoe, part of a highly masochistic couple with Charlotte Gainsbourg in Lars von Trier‘s 2009 drama Antichrist, is attached to von Trier’s newest controversial project, Nymphomaniac, starring Gainsbourg as lifelong sex addict Jo. Dafoe, who also appeared in von Trier’s 2005 experimental Manderlay, will play a supporting role in the film. Udo Kier, perfectly intense in other von Trier movies, including 1996’s Breaking the Waves and last year’s Melancholia, has also joined the cast. A bunch of other names are attached , including Stellan Skarsgard, Shia LaBeouf, Christian Slater, Jamie Bell, Uma Thurman and Connie Nielsen. [THR]

Maria Bello has joined the star-laced ensemble cast of romance drama Third Person, written and directed by Crash Oscar winner Paul Haggis. The movie, about intersecting stories within three relationships in Paris, New York and Rome, also includes Kim Basinger, Taken 2 juggernaut Liam Neeson, Mila Kunis, Adrien Brody, Casey Affleck, Olivia Wilde and James Franco. [Variety]

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