As Beyoncé herself has now said: It’s Countdown to Touchdown.

Beyoncé will officially (via a killer image on her website) be the halftime show at Super Bowl XLVII. This isn’t Queen Bey’s first time around the biggest football event of the year – she sang the National Anthem before the game in 2004.

This is a great decision both from the Super Bowl organizer’s perspective and viewer’s: After the infamous wardrobe malfunction in 2004, the Super Bowl people (sports talk!) have played it safe with Talented Old Guy choices such as Paul McCartney and the Rolling Stones. Last year, things got a little more risqué – Madonna kept things fun, but her special guest M.I.A. got some feathers ruffled with a misplaced middle finger. Beyoncé is the perfect choice: She’s “down with the young people,” but she is also the consummate professional who isn’t going to swear or do any other kind of ratings stunt. With moves like these, she has no need to.

Of course, while Beyoncé is a show all by herself, we couldn’t help but think of who else might be showing up. See our five best guesses – and suggest your own – below.

1.) Jay-Z is both expected and exciting. The duo have made a routine of performing his hit “Young Forever” in concert. The fact that the song is a great closer? All but guaranteed to make an appearance. Bonus: If anyone is going to go rogue and give us an R-rated moment, it’s him. Just as long as Kanye and Kim are kept far from the stage, there won’t be any issues.

2.) Destiny’s Child reunion. If Bey is going to be performing highlights from her whole career, then we have to have a little something from pre-2002. “Survivor”? “Independent Woman”? We’re confident Michelle and Kelly would jump at the chance.

3.) What if Beyonce chose an animal a la Britney Spears’ VMA snake to make a statement?

4.) Beyoncé electrified the Grammys with her Tina Turner duet and a medley with Prince. A repeat with Turner — or other older icons — would be a good choice.

5.) Holograms are all the rage, and it’s no secret Beyoncé loves Michael Jackson. Could we wind up seeing an MJ “Man in the Mirror”/”Halo” mash-up?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Destiny’s Child are the only contemporaries that have a shot at an appearance. Beyoncé has her pick of what do to with her 10-15 minute performance, and I can’t see her wanting to share the stage with many people, especially those who might be silly enough to try and upstage her.

Less practical, of course, but Super Bowl XLVII could be just the A-list event the Carters are waiting for for Blue Ivy’s debut duet performance of “Single Ladies.” What a sweet dream that would be.

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