Justin Hartley is no stranger to Vancouver. In fact, he got to know it well after several years working on the CW’s Smallville, playing the Green Arrow before the CW made a whole show about the Green Arrow.

These days, Hartley is back on the north side of the border, but this time, it has nothing to do with arrows and fight scenes. He’s still saving lives — but in a more conventional way.

Hartley plays surgical intern Will Collins on the new CW medical comedy-drama Emily Owens M.D., which premieres tonight. And if you ask the actor, it was just the role he was looking to take. “I loved doing the drama [on Smallville], but I was looking for some comedy to do — something funny. But I didn’t want to get away from the drama, because I like the drama,” he says, adding that Emily Owens holds a perfect marriage of the two.

Quirky Emily has the hots for Will. Will likes someone else. Someone else likes Emily. It’s complicated, to say the least. With even more drama to come. “It’s very sophisticated and smart, and well thought-out,” he says. “It sounds cliche, but you literally can’t wait to get the next script just to see where the story goes [and] not just your character.”

He loves it so much, in fact, that he wouldn’t mind stepping back behind the camera (as he did for Smallville) to direct an episode. For more on that, watch a part of our on-set video chat with Hartley below:

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