So what if The Casual Vacancy isn’t exactly setting the world on fire. Any novel that leads to a publicity tour, which in turn leads to J.K. Rowling appearing on The Daily Show, is a-okay in our book. The author and Jon Stewart had a grand ol’ time last night, even if they mostly talked around Rowling’s latest published work. (Understandable, considering EW’s review: “What started as a lively comedy of manners has turned into an overwrought slog.”)

Rowling’s well-publicized stint as a welfare recipient — in the U.K., it’s called “benefits” — was the main topic of conversation during the interview’s televised portion. She also took this opportunity to spoil The Casual Vacancy‘s (fake) twist ending: “Dumbledore comes back!”

That quip set the tone for the second half of the interview, which appears online only. Here, Rowling and Stewart got a little jokier, discussing how sexless most heroes are (says Rowling: Luke Skywalker “only ever got one kiss, and it’s his sister”), the confusing history of red and blue’s correspondence to Republicans and Democrats, and the value of kryptonite, metaphorically speaking. Rowling also revealed her brilliant prescription for solving the States’ woes: “What you need is a monarch,” she told Stewart. See, when a nation is ruled by a figurehead, its citizens are free to treat that cipher with pomp and circumstance — while subjecting their politicians to “utter contempt.” And if we’re looking for an available figurehead… well, Rowling knows one who would “be happy to have you back.”

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