Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Move over, septagenarians; it’s Beyoncé’s time to shine.

For the past few years, the Super Bowl Halftime Show — easily the biggest gig a musician can score, if only for the massive size of the audience — has been the domain of aging classicists like the Who, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, and Madonna. (And the Black Eyed Peas, the hip-hop group your grandma requests at every bat mitzvah.)

But as the NFL and CBS announced today, and as confirmed by this giant photo of Ms. Knowles wearing eye black, the Super Bowl XLVII version of the show (to be held on February 3, 2013, in New Orleans) will center around Beyoncé.

To get you into the proper football playoff-related spirit, let’s set some odds on some halftime show-related prop bets, shall we?

Odds Jay-Z also performs: 3-2

Odds former Destiny’s Child members perform: 12-1

Odds Kanye West performs: 40-1 (if only because Roger Goodell wouldn’t stand for Yeezy’s level of unpredictability)

Over/Under on number of songs performed: 3

Odds “Single Ladies” gets played: 7-2

Odds “Crazy In Love” gets played: 5-2

Odds Beyoncé debuts new music: 5-1

Over/Under on number of hacky news outlets that use a “put a ring on it” pun in their Super Bowl-related headlines the day after the game: 500

Odds New Orleans gets a shout-out: 2-1

Odds Brooklyn gets a shout-out: 3-1

Odds Beyoncé’s hometown Houston Texans are playing in the Super Bowl: Currently 6-1

Odds Jay-Z’s hometown New York Giants are playing in the Super Bowl: 9-1

Odds Jay-Z’s hometown New York Jets are playing in the Super Bowl: Never-Nope

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