Must List Ted
Credit: Tippett Studio

Seth McFarlane’s directorial debut Ted, the raunchy comedy about a bong-smoking teddy bear starring Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis, has officially broken a box office record.

It is now (sort of) the highest grossing comedy of all time — except not really.

If we’re being technical, it’s actually the highest grossing non-sequel, R-rated comedy of all time… at the worldwide box office. That specific enough for ya?

Domestically, the highest-grossing original R-rated comedy is still The Hangover, which earned $277.3 million in the States in 2009 (Ted has found $218.5 million in the U.S.), but overseas, Ted shined brighter. Worldwide, Ted has now earned $469 million, surpassing The Hangover’s $467.5 million cume. And Ted still has four more international territories left to open: Malaysia, India, Venezuela, and Japan. A finish of about $500 million seems likely.

While Ted‘s grosses are impressive (especially considering its R rating), we should note that there are many comedies that have grossed much more than Ted around the world. There are many lucrative animated efforts like Toy Story 3 ($1.06 billion worldwide) and The Lion King ($951.6 million), as well as family friendly live-action titles like Men In Black ($589.4 million) and Night at the Museum ($574.5 million). And then, of course, there are sequels like The Hangover Part II ($581.5 million) and MIB 3 ($624.0 million).

Plus — and this should always be remembered when Hollywood is boasting about a new box office record — we’re not accounting for inflation here.

What have we learned? The international box office is booming, and Ted, which only cost $50 million, is Universal’s best performer in years.

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