After decades of employing actresses like Marilyn Monroe and Nicole Kidman as the face of No. 5, Chanel signed Brad Pitt as the inaugural frontman for its iconic fragrance. Last week, a series of audio clip teasers featuring Brad asking random questions to no one in particular — “Are you going somewhere? Where?” — had me scratching my head. Now that the full short film has been released, I finally have some answers… and some questions of my own.

For starters; What it is about Chanel No. 5 that makes Brad all emo and reflective? The actor launches into a monologue that’s full of so many dramatic pauses and soap-oprea stares off into the distance (did he pick up this technique during his 1987 stint on Another World?) that you’d think he was reciting poetry at an open mic night. Watch the commercial below and tell me what you think.

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